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Perhaps you have been thinking about buying, but you are struggling to save the deposit? Maybe you are concerned that you won’t be able to afford your regular mortgage repayments? While these are two very valid concerns, the fact is, there has never been a better time to be a homeowner. 


Depending on where you live, there are first home buyer incentives. In Ontario, there is:

(1) a Land Transfer Tax rebate of $4000, click HERE for more details.


(2) a New Home Buyers Tax Credit of $750.


(3) an option to utilize your RRSP's as your downpayment, click HERE for more details.


The longer you rent, the more you need to spend. Rental costs will fluctuate based on supply and demand. Your landlord may choose to increase the rent, forcing you to pay a higher amount or find another place to live.


You may, therefore, find that you are better off getting off the rental train and purchasing your own home and enjoying the benefits that come with it.

As a homeowner, you will enjoy a greater sense of security. Not only will you never have to move at a moment’s notice simply because the landlord has decided to increase the rent or sell the property from underneath you, but you also have the freedom to renovate your home as you see fit.


Furthermore, over the years, property has proven itself to be a very lucrative and safe investment. The longer you hold onto the property, the more likely you will be to see an increase in the property’s value. And, as your property grows in value and you start to build equity in the dwelling, you can leverage this to upsize, buy an investment property, or renovate.


If you’re considering buying your first home, the benefits are numerous, but it is important to do your research. 


Get Pre-Approved today and find out how we can help you to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and achieve your home ownership goals. 

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