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Below is a map containing Real Estate Agents across Canada.


We feel that they can provide excellent service for our current and future clients. 


Please use the map below to inquire about their service. 


*The info below is for Realtors only*

*It will not be listed on the live Map Page*


To break down our mailout target into numbers, we mail out to 532 fire halls, 186 police departments, 254 paramedic services, and 211 hospitals. These numbers are guaranteed deliveries.


To break those numbers down even further, on average…


-Each fire hall has 4 firefighters at each hall, and each fire hall has a 4-shift rotation, totaling 16 firefighters per hall. A total reach of over 8500 firefighters.


-Each police department has 50 employees (if not double or triple that amount). If we average 50 police officers per police department address that is a total reach of 9300 police officers.


-Each paramedic base has 4 paramedics (2 ambulances) on shift, and each base has a 4-shift rotation, totaling 16 paramedics per base. A total paramedic reach of over 4000 paramedics.


- Each hospital has 75 employees (typically more). If we average 75 healthcare professionals per hospital address that is a total reach of 15,000 healthcare professionals.


In short, we have a quarterly reach of at least 36,000 potential clients that make $100k on average.

Please note that the numbers above are extremely conservative.

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